Bob Chamberlain

About Bob Chamberlain
and Casco Bay Diesel

When I started my business in 1994, I already had 20 years experience working on dozers, excavators, skidders, standby and prime power generators, just about every piece of equipment you can think of, besides fishing boats, tug boats, oil recovery barges, sportfishing boats and high end custom yachts. We handle everything from electrical work, both DC and AC; refrigeration repair; electronic diagnostics; vibration analysis, shaft alignments; exhaust fabrication - the list is endless.

Casco Bay Diesel Workshop

Of course our primary focus is diesel engine and transmission service. We can perform an overhaul on a vessel, or we can rig the equipment for removal and repair it at our shop. No job has ever been too big for us to handle. If a repower is required, we can handle that as well. See our section on custom repowers.

Besides the products listed on the home page, we have also provided major service on Electromotive diesels, Fairbanks-Morse®, Alco®, Murphy®, Perkins®, Ford-Lehman®, Lister-Petter®, John Deere®, Scania®, Navistar® (International), and Volvo® engines. We service Twin Disc®, Reintjes®, Caterpillar®, and Velvet Drive® transmissions, as well as both industrial and marine ZF® gearboxes, as well as PTOs and hydraulic pump drives. We have acquired much special tooling to service these products, and continue to upgrade our equipment as the need arises.

Casco Bay Diesel Workshop

We also have had the opportunity to work with insurance companies and marine surveyors when there has been a difficult catastrophic failure, helping our customers to get the expertise they need in order to get problems resolved for insurance claims. Figuring out the cause of a failure is a lot like detective work. Most lawyers have no clue what goes on when an engine or transmission has failed, which is understandable, since that is not their field. I have served as an expert witness in Florida, New York, and Maine, and I enjoy the teaching part of the process more than anything. Nothing beats experience. I also have contacts with many experts in specific fields around the country when there is a particular problem that requires more in-depth information.

Remember, nobody knows everything, and we are constantly learning. When you stop learning, you stop living.